Following the essence of "Walkaround Act", (which includes the "Universal Peek Device and a MultiVelvet Bag), now comes the 2nd installment. 

A new act that features not only offers a MultiVelvet Bag but the "Universal Switch Device", a wonderful elegant and slim (genuine) leather holder that offers you amazing possibilities (forcing, switching, etc.)

In the small space of a normal looking (but not normal at all) velvet bag, you will have everything that you need to perform and act that you can do around tables, in cocktail situations or just in casual performances whenever you want.

You dont need to be "professional" perse to treat Mentalism as important. Even if you are a social performer, as soon as you perform the "Walkaround Act 2" you will let people know that you care.

You will care not just for the quality of the props, but for the act itself, which consists in three (unpublished) routines that work together.


1. Virtues: The participant imagines the "tree of virtues". The participant after free choices, decides for one of them. From your velvet bag you remove only one business card, which predicts correctly the participant´s decision.

2. Smile: A simple and powerful piece using your business cards and the hidden power of smiling.

3. Hands Off Serial:  At the beginning of your act, a member of your audience took a random bill. As your final kicker, you will create wonderful moments of mindreading and precognition in a completely hands-off manner.

In the complementary eBook you will not just learn the full act, but also the ideas and strategic real-world tips that will allow you to use this pieces effectively not just as stand alone effects, but as a full act.

With your order you will receive:
1.Three-Way MultiVelvet Bag prepared for the Act
2. Universal Switch Device
3. "Walkaround Act" Complementary eBook with full instructions for all three routines of the act and more!

• • •